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    Self-Retaining Screwdriver

    For over 30 years, Nemcomed has worked in partnership with our OEM customers to provide unmatched value in the development and manufacturing of precision medical instruments and implants. We are focused on developing long-term strategic relationships and are intent on providing our customers with exceptional products and value-added services. Our attention to detail and superior quality standards have made our company what it is today: a highly responsive, technologically advanced source for manufactured instruments and implants.

    Product Development

    Our engineering expertise combined with our manufacturing capabilities enable us to provide our customers with exceptional medical solutions that improve the quality of life for their patients. We understand how important it is for our technical group to build relationships and understand our customer's specific needs. That is why we have devoted a specific Product Engineer to each customer. Our Product Engineers work jointly with their customers in all phases of product design and manufacture. From "Concept through Packaging" to "Design for Manufacturing", our engineers have a proven track record of success and have the ability to take on development projects both large and small in scope. This approach has helped our customers shorten their product development cycles, reduce production lead times and reduce their design and manufacturing costs with the end result being a successful product launch. In addition to our technical expertise, Nemcomed also offers and owns the rights to a couple of unique and exclusive enhancements for instrumentation.

    Manufacturing Capabilities

    Nemcomed continually evaluates and invests in state-of-the-art technologies to meet our customer's manufacturing needs and quality expectations. In satisfying their complex requirements and inspection criteria, we utilize many of the latest manufacturing and inspection technologies, including:

    Other capabilities include welding, polishing, heat treating, coating, electropolishing, anodizing, assembly and final packaging.

    Our People

    We truly believe that our people make the difference for our customers. They are our most important resource. Their ingenuity and active involvement in the design, engineering and manufacture of technologically advanced medical devices ensure that we meet our customer's quality specifications for each product we produce. It is their attention to detail and focus on every part, work order and ship date that enable us to offer unparalleled quality and service to our customers. We realize that these components are the keys to our customer's success and, in turn, a catalyst in the growth and stability of our business.

    Development resources are valuable and often limited. Nemcomed employs proven, streamlined, cost-effective methods to launch innovative devices to the end-user market.

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